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We boast a colorful design template that makes scenes attractive.


  • [2018-09-13] Original photo calendar templates now available!
  • [2017-11-20] New types of calendars have come out;
  • [2017-08-15] Now you can select "high-quality version" made with an upgraded image quality and storability when ordering!
  • [2017-01-13] Message books that sends a flower bouquet now available! See here for details.
  • [2016-12-01] Selling the photobook you made now available!! See here for more details.
  • [2016-10-18] Original wall calendar templates now available!
    See 2017 WALL CALENDAR for more details.
  • [2016-03-25] New stylish Shaun the Sheep template now released! See more
  • [2016-02-02] Mags Inc.で卒業・卒団アルバムを作ろう!
  • [2015-11-20] 2016 Calendar now available !
    See News of 2016 Calendar for more details.
  • [2015-09-16] High grade and better keeping quality photobook - Book Type (Perfect Binding) - now available!
    See PHOTOBOOK for more details.