Simply make your everyday photos into a classy photobook.

"365+" series template is available now! download free!

"Simply select a photo on your smartphone, and make it into a photobook that looks like a classy page out of a magazine.
We introduce the template "365+" series, which combines "simple" and "fashionable" that Mags Inc. is aiming for.

New color release monthly

We offer a new color template every month for free. Using 12 different colors that leave 365 days worth of memories with a beautiful gradation.

Very simple layout

Adopt a simple & stylish layout that makes any photo lovely.
Simply select a photo on your smartphone, and make it into a classy photo collection style photobook.

Insert text to make your photos more lively!

Place a text box to complement your photos.
If you use the background color change function, you can make an original design as well.

New series: introducing 365+ baby new!

Picture layout with a dynamic feeling and a cute handwriting style illustration. A cute photobook is completed just by selecting a photo.
It is the perfect template to store a child's growth record or a casual daily life with friends.

Product specs

It is a 28-page Book Type version that also has excellent storability. You can choose from A5 / B5.
A5 size : JPY 980
B5 size : JPY 1,380


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