High-quality version Premium Photobook

Prolonging memories. Premium photobook that delivers the finest quality

"Premium Printing" type, printed from Canon's latest photo printer "DreamLabo 5000", made its debut.
Please experience the impressive photo quality for yourself.

Reproducing a wide color gamut with 7-color printing

Adopted 7-color dye inks by adding Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, and Gray to the 4 basic printing colors CMYK, and reproduced a color gamut that exceeds silver-halide photos.
The gradation of colors that could not be expressed by inkjet printers up until now such as, a baby's smooth skin, the delicate white gradation of a wedding dress, the beautiful ocean and blue sky, a deeper, truer blackness than that's darker than ink, was developed smoothly and firmly, and it materialized a "super beauty" that exceeds the conventional "beautiful photo" with high-resolution printing up to 2400 dpi.

Durability for 300 years in dark storage

With the combination of the latest digital printhead technology "Fine", genuine paper, and 7-color ink, we have materialized 300 years of dark storage (*).
Due to its excellent durability, you can leave colorful memories as they are.
*Storage in the dark : Assuming that it's storing in a dark place in a sealed film album and etc (JEITA standard, in the case it's a glossy type roll paper)

A luxurious finish using raster paper

Canon's "fine surface gloss raster" is used for the photobook mount.
There is a delicate unevenness on the surface which suppresses reflection, so it gives it a calm atmosphere. It is thicker than the conventional photobook, leading to a luxurious finish.
Another feature of the raster paper is that fingerprints are difficult to stick to it.

How to order

Please select "Premium" when you are at "Select image quality" on the bookbinding order screen.
*You can select it when using templates for high-quality version
We will deliver high-quality premium photobooks to you, with the same no. of delivery days as regular type photobooks.

Please check here for more details on Photobook specifications.