Travel memories photobook

Travel photos + travel memos = travel diary photobook.

Store your fun travel memories as is.

If you make an album of lots of travel photos and travel notes, the fun memories will never fade away.
You can share your photobook with your travel buddies.

Travel magazine style template

You only need to select a photo and add a comment.
You can make a photobook that summarizes thing such as your best travel shot, travel course, travel gourmet in an article style.

Share the photobook you made!

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Recommended template for travel photos

Travel templates are perfect for girls', graduation and family trips.

《 Cute travel template 》

A classy and cute design for ladies who like to travel. Recommended for graduation and girls' trip records.
*You can check the details when you tap

《 Travel magazine style template 》

You can make a photobook that looks like a real travel magazine.

《 Travel guide style template 》

Put the name of the place you traveled in the book title and make it your original travel guide.
It is also recommended to make a series by matching the name of the place you traveled to, with your title.

《 Calendar / Photo collection template 》

For people who like photos, we recommend a simple layout where photos of traveling are the main focus.

《 Travel diary style template 》

With diary templates, you can properly store travel memories.

Sample photobook

Trip Note -Autumn-