New features, "Cloud sharing & ordering" & "Reordering" have been added!

The "Cloud sharing & ordering" feature where you can share the photobook that you have created with your friends and family, and the "Reorder" feature that allows you to easily order a photobook that was ordered in the past, have been added.
* Please update your app upper ver3.2 for Android or upper ver2.3 for iOS using this feature.

What kind of features?

Cloud sharing & ordering

This is a feature where you can choose a photobook you ordered in the past, and have your friends and family order the one you "want to share!".
The ones who can view it are only those who know the designated password, so your privacy is secure!
They can directly order the photobook you have shared.


You can Reorder a photobook anytime within one year of the original order.
Select the photobook you want to order again in the app, and just register it. You can use it without the hassle of data uploads.
You can Reorder even if you happen to change phones and lose your data, so you have nothing to worry about.

Details of how to operate

Introducing the details of how to do "Cloud sharing & ordering" & "Reordering"
If you tap each image below, the description page will open.

Recommended usage scene of "Cloud sharing & ordering"

●Share it with fans of your photos!

Share your photobook made with your favorite photos with your fans (followers).
If your followers like it, they can order directly.

●Share with your cosplay friends!

Make a photobook, as a memory of participating in a cosplay event!
but I realized, I don't have everyone's names and addresses...
No problem, once you have a SNS direct message, sharing & ordering are possible.

●For class reunions/events

For class reunions/ never know when you'll meet again!
But, once you've exchanged contacts, you can easily share your memories with friends that are far away.
Also for kindergarten, day care or elementary school events.


●Please beware the handling of the password.

If someone knows the password, they can view & order the photobook.
Regarding issues related to people who can view the sharing password that was published on a viewable SNS, our company cannot take responsibility.
Please keep your password safe, as it is your responsibility.

●Please beware of the expiration date.

The cloud sharing period is within one year of the original photobook order.
Please note that the photobook cloud sharing feature cannot be used after one year.

●You cannot re-edit the data.

You cannot edit the photobook content (photos/comments) in the shared field.
*You can change the size of the photobook and also the amount you want.