Light and compact, you can display without making a hole in the wall.
"MagsInc's Photo Panel"

Make the wall of your house into a canvas.Unlimited ways of display! Photo items to decorate stylish space♪

Light and compact

Light and compact

One panel is about 5mm thick and 30g in weight: It's very light and compact. You can decorate anywhere you want.

You can display without making a hole in the wall.

You can display without making a hole in the wall.

You can display the photo panel without making a hole in the wall using adhesive that comes with the photo panel (Hittsukimushi).


More vivid photo

Uses Canon glossy paper specially designed for premium printing. Glossy and colorful finish.
You can keep your vividly colored memories as they are.


Chic atmosphere

The black color of the panel makes chic atmosphere and enhances your photo.


Can be used for both vertical and horizontal photo.

Mags Inc's original size is similar to the L size(89mm×127mm) commonly used for photo printing so it fits both vertical and horizontal photos beautifully.


Easy to make with smartphone

Just select 3 photos you want to make into a photo panel and fit them into a photo frame! You can create a photo panel in no time at all.


Perfect for present

Delivered in an exclusive original craft box. The perfect gift for your loved ones♪

Let's make a stylish "Photo Panel" and decorate♪

children's room
The bedroom


Photo Panel
Size 1 panel 129 × 174mm
Set 3 panels + Craft box
Paper Quality Canon’s glossy paper that makes photo more vivid with glossy texture
Printing 7-color printing/Canon's business printers DreamLabo 5000
Finish Full-color
Price 3 photos:JPY 2,700+ shipping cost
6 photos:JPY 5,000+ shipping cost *Discount on bulk purchase!

Easily to create high-quality photobooks
on your smartphone.
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