Child's growth record album

Many photos you take of your children that you don't usually look at again.
Why don't you make a cute photobook and look at them with your children?
All photobooks come with an original transparent book cover.

Leaving growth records consistently

Use your smartphone to simply make growth record album for the many photos of your children you accumulate.

For growth records, the book type with high storability is recommended.
The cover is film processed, and excels in storability.
There are 28 pages and you can include 40 to 50 photos.

It is recommended to include photos of your children's paintings and their crafts!

《 Growth record exclusive template 》

"356+" and "365+ baby" series, in which you can make a classy photobook by simply selecting photos.
Each will have 12 colors.

*You can check the details when you tap

《 Photo diary style template 》

A growth diary-style photobook where you can add plenty of dates and comments in one photo.

《 Other recommended templates 》

The popular Illustrator Muumegu design are now available on the app store!

Growth report to grandparents

For the growth report to grandparents, we recommend the magazine type that you can simply make with 500 yen.
There are lots of fun designs such as the kids magazine style.
We also recommend a wall calendar where you can look at the smiling face of your cute grandchildren anytime.

Club activities / other activities / school activity record ; year album

We have also made a design for photo albums of your grown children's active moments available.
You can also simply make a "friend album" for the times you have spent together with other club members.