High quality Mini Album
For organizing smartphone photos!

Easy printing for mobile photos!
You can make a high-quality photobook in just a few minutes.

You always think of organizing it, but your smartphone photos just get piled up. With this app, you can organize your photos into an album in just 5 minutes.
You can create one in your spare time since all you need is your smartphone.

Update MagsInc. to the latest version (iOS 3.5 or later) before creating a Mini Album.
The android version is scheduled to start in January 2019.

Easy printing for mobile photos
Only need 5 minutes of your spare time!
Select a photo and it's complete! With the new auto layout function, the application automatically selects the most suitable layout.
Since it can be done with smartphones, you can make it while traveling by train, after your children sleeps, whenever you want.
Standard printing and Premium printing
Beautiful and long-lasting
Pictures from day-to-day are actually important. So, we will deliver it to you with high image quality and excellent durability through a premium printing.
Whenever you look back, memories are revived in vivid colors.
Input photo date automatically
Input photo date automatically
The application automatically prints the photo date which will make looking back at your photos, like those of your first summer vacations, more exciting.
If you don't want to print the date, you can easily change the application settings.
Title printed on the spine
Title printed on the spine
With the title on the book spine, it will be easier to find the book even if you keep it with other books!
If you don't want the title on the book spine, you can easily remove it using the application.
* As of May 20th 2019, available for only iOS 3.5.2 or later.
Choose the number of pages
Choose the number of pages
There are three (30 / 40 / 50) choices for page number.
If you feel like "I just want to print the collected photos", you can choose 50 where you can fit a number of photos. If you feel like "For the mean time, I just need to give out the travel photos" then you can choose the 30.

About the book spine title

Book title will be printed on the book spine. Multiple-lined titles will be printed in a single line. Subtitles will not be printed.
The maximum number of characters is about 100. The font will be the same as the front cover title.
Please make sure it fits the book spine using the preview function when publishing. * Font size will be set automatically.

Also, errors in the title positioning may occur due to manual processing. An error of 2.0mm or less will not be eligible for republishing.


Size17.8cm X 12.7cm
Number of Pages36 / 46 / 56 pages
Maximum number of Photos36 pages - 32 photos (1 photo each on the 30 main pages + 1 for the cover + 1 for the back cover)
46 pages - 42 photos (1 photo each on the 40 main pages + 1 for the cover + 1 for the back cover)
56 pages - 52 photos (1 photo each on the 50 main pages + 1 for the cover + 1 for the back cover)
Paper Quality: Cover Fine surface gloss raster
(Canon's semi-glossy thick-mouth-type paper, which brings out a calm texture with a delicate unevenness)
Paper Quality: Interior Paper Satin Paper
(Cannon Semi-Gloss Paper, showing gentle texture with a matte finish)
Printing7-color printing/Canon's business printers DreamLabo 5000
with a clear book cover!
Price 36 pages JPY 980 per book + shipping cost
46 pages JPY 1,280 per book + shipping cost
56 pages JPY 1,480 per book + shipping cost
* Free shipping on 3 and more books via Airmail!
* See here for affrordable Quantity Discount