Register as a creator!

Introducing the creator mode where you can sell your original calendar, photobook or portfolio! new!

What is a creator?

Once you register as a creator, you can add the royalty settings to your photobook that you created and sell it.
For how to sell, just tell the buyer [sharing password].
After purchase, Mags Inc will do the processing, binding and delivery, and the item will be delivered to the buyer.
You can always check your sales profit through the app, and can withdraw royalties at anytime.
point1: For use of the creator registration and the sales feature, there are no incurring fees!
point2: Since this is sales by demand, there's no need to have inventory!
point3: For royalty payments, you can use "PayPal"!

How to sell your photobook

step1. Register as a creator
  • Before registering as a creator, please make an account through "My Page".
  • Once you make an account, the creator registration menu will show in "My Page". Enter your creator name/Email address and register (temporary registration).
  • A "passcode" will be sent to the Email address you entered. Once you enter the "passcode" in the app, the creator registration is complete (main registration).
step2. Create a photobook for selling
  • Create a photobook for selling through the app, order 1 for confirmation purposes.
step3. Set the royalty amount
  • "Cloud sharing & ordering > Order the photobook you created, with friends!" and select the photobook to sell.
  • Set the "Royalty Amount" (How much you would like for 1 book).
    *You can change the "Royalty Amount" during the process
step4. Make a sharing password
  • "Cloud sharing & ordering > Order the photobook you created, with friends!" and select the photobook to sell.
  • After you set the royalty, make a "sharing password".
    *The "sharing password" is valid for 1 year.
step5. Promote your photobook
  • Utilize SNS to promote your photobook to your friends!
  • Tell the buyer the "sharing password".

Selling price and royalties

Set the "Royalty Amount" to an amount that you would like to receive for your photobook.
The selling price will be the standard Mags Inc. price plus "Royalty".
The "Royalty Amount" can be set between 100 and 1,000 JPY in increments of 100 yen.

Selling price = standard Mags Inc. price + Royalty

Standard Mags Inc. price: and is based on the template and size used.
Royalty Amount: amount paid to the creator based on each book

How to receive royalties

step1. Confirm sales results
You can confirm it in "My Page> Creator Information> Sales status".
  • Total royalty amount: Total amount of royalties set in photobooks sold so far
  • Remaining royalty balance: The amount within the total royalties not yet received
  • When the bookbinding process has begun, the order is final, and it will reflect in the sales results.
step2. Apply to receive
You can apply for it in "My Page> Creator Information> Sales status".
  • You can specify the amount over 1,000 yen you would like.
  • After the application is received, the funds will be sent, processed within 10 days.
  • When the PayPal procedure is completed at Mags Inc., you will receive the following Email from PayPal.
    ★★件名: 【Mags Inc.】フォトブック販売利益 お受取り手続きのご案内
  • When you receive the Email above, follow the steps in the Email to receive.
《 About PayPal Fees 》
  • When receiving royalties, you will need a Paypal account for transactions.
    For details, check here.
  • About the PayPal fees, it will be deducted from the creators.
  • PayPal fee: Within Japan, 3.6% of the remittance amount + 40 yen, and abroad, 3.9% of the remittance amount + 40 yen + exchange fees


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