Photobook that sends a bouquet

Add a flower to photos and messages of memories, and give a greeting photobook.

3 types of messages

In addition to the standard "Happy Birthday!", the appreciative "Thank you!" and blessed "Congratulations!" expressions are now available.
It is a greeting card style design using a classy watercolor motif.

Select a flower

Please select the flower you like from the "image collection" according to the person you give it to.
* In order to use "material collection", you need an app of the Android version: ver 3.4 ~, iOS version: ver 2.8 or later.

Flower photos provided by: Mallow
Instagram: Mallow(@tomoko_koshiishi)

Of course you can use your photos (without using the image collection).

Recommended for:

○ As a birthday card
○ with Christmas presents
○ A present for Valentine's Day
○ For Mother's Day / Father's Day, with feelings of appreciation
○ For graduation celebration

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