Photobook PDF

You can also enjoy it as e-books.
It is possible to save a photo album created with this application as an e-book(PDF)! You can enjoy it by sharing a whole book with you friends.

PDF Specs

File type PDF
Image quality It is of a specific quality which is suitable for browsing on your electronic devices.
It is not suitable for browsing on devices with a higher resolution (such as TVs) than your device.
File size 2MB - 20MB
The resolution of the device you're using depends on the template you use.
Price JPY 100
300 points
Sample click
How to browse on a smartphone We will use PDF viewer / e-book reader app
iPhone: iBooks
Android: AdobeReader, Kindle etc
How to share Share via e-mail attachment (*) or Google Drive, and etc.
*Due to the file attachment size restriction, you may not be able to attach via e-mail.


Payment: By Google checkout / By iTunes Store

*This feature is only available in the app version. Please note that it cannot be used in the Mags Inc. Web version (PC version).