❶ Create both a photobook and a photo calendar

《 Photobook 》

Magazine Type

8/12/16 pages. Saddle-stitching. Easy to make and opens flatly.

Book Type

28 pages. Perfect-binding. High grade and better keeping quality.

Mini Album Type

There are three (30 / 40 / 50) choices for page number. You can make a high-quality photobook which works perfect for organizing photos.

Mini Albums

《 Photo Calendar 》

A Wall Calendar and a Stand Up Desk Calendar with a cute design.

Phoro Calendars

《 Premium Printing 》

We have 2 types for printings; "Standard Printing" more reasonable and faster, "Premium Printing" improved printing quality and durability.

➋ Choise of 3 sizes

《 A5 size 》

14.8 x 21.0 cm ( 5.8 x 8.3 inches ). Half the size of A4 size paper.

《 B5 size 》

18.2 x 25.2 cm ( 7.2 x 9.9 inches ). Same size as a notebook.

《 2L size 》

12.7 x 17.8 cm. It is twice the size of L size photograph.

➌ It comes with a clear book cover

An original clear book cover will be packaged with all photo books.

➍ Affordable! Start from JPY500

Credit Card is accepted.

《 Photobook 》

BindingSize/Number of PagesStandard PrintingPremium Printing
Magazine Type
A5 : 8/12 pagesJPY500JPY980
A5 : 16 pagesJPY600JPY1,180
B5 : 8/12 pagesJPY680JPY1,280
B5 : 16 pagesJPY780JPY1,480
Book Type
(Perfect Binding)
A5 : 28 pagesJPY980JPY1,980
B5 : 28 pagesJPY1,380JPY2,680

《 Photo Calendar 》

Type/BindingPrintingSize/Number of PagesPrice
Wall Calendar
StandardA5 : 16 pagesJPY600
A5 : 28 pagesJPY800
B5 : 16 pagesJPY780
B5 : 28 pagesJPY1,180
Wall Calendar
PremiumA5 : 16 pagesJPY1,480
A5 : 28 pagesJPY1,980
B5 : 16 pagesJPY1,880
B5 : 28 pagesJPY2,680
Stand Up Desk Calendar
StandardA5 : 16 pagesJPY980
Stand Up Desk Calendar
PremiumA5 : 16 pagesJPY1,780
B5 : 16 pagesJPY2,380
Page-A-Day CalendarPremium2L : 34 pagesJPY1,780

《 Mini Album 》

BindingPrintingSize/Number of PagesPrice
Book Type
(Perfect Binding)
Premium2L:36 pagesJPY980
2L:46 pagesJPY1,280
2L:56 pagesJPY1,480
* See here for affrordable Quantity Discount

➎ Free shipping for 3 or more books

Utilize the cart features and order 3 or more books to get free shipping (Airmail).

➏ Delivers between 7 days ~ 4 weeks

Airmail(non-tracking) and EMS(express tracking) are availabie.

➐ How to order

1. Upload photobook data
2. Add to cart when upload is done
3. Proceed to order and payment

 Don't delete your photo before you order!

The original photo data is necessary when ordering a bookbind.

➑ Tips to make it better

《 Use a bright photo 》

Colors are displayed differently on smartphones and printers (RGB→CMYK). When printed, it may look slightly darker than on the screen.

《 Change the layout 》

  • Photos do not fit into frames (you want to set the photo as landscape although template frame is portrait and vice versa)
  • Too few photos to set (some frames are empty)
  • Too many photos to set (need more frames)
If you have these problems, try page layout change. In each option pages, you can choose the photo frame page fitting your favorite photo.

《 Select a font 》

Use your preferred font according to the design. For the notebook design, handwritten style fonts are recommended.

《 Set a background color 》

When there's a mismatch between the frame and photo which creates a blank space, it will be less noticeable after you set the background color.

➒ Reorder

You can order anytime within a year of ordering.

➓ Share your photobook

《 Cloud sharing&ordering 》

You can share the photo book you created with your friends and they can also directly purchase photobooks online.

《 Register as a creator 》

Once you register as a Mags Inc. creator, you can sell your photobook and calendar.