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Right binding
This Idol magazine style template with pop colors and catchy copies filling the whole page may make you feel as if singing on TV or in a live concert!?

Shaun the Sheep 12P

Left binding
Commemorating the 20th anniversary of the birth of Shaun! Bringing to life a collaboration with the world's most famous sheep "Shaun the Sheep"!!
Part 1 is a 12 page version containing the everyday lives of Shaun and his friends. With this, you can also join the world of the happy sheep!

HappyTime - Autumn colors(12P)

Left binding
New series of photobook templates by illustrator, Muumegu.
The illustrations with colors befitting Autumn and Halloween will meld with the photos to produce a pleasant and cute photo book.

Piece of journey

Left binding
This is a photo book template of warm fuzzy flavor which tells the pleasure of the trip. Let's put lots of photos you took during the trip.
In collaboration with "JOSHIBU-JAPAN(・v・)"

Sweet Memories

Left binding
Photo book template whose pop illustration livens up the flavor of the photo. Arrange photos of your everyday life enjoyably.
In collaboration with "JOSHIBU-JAPAN(・v・)"


Left binding
Simple photo book template that will add charm to good points of photos. Make your photos stylish with a polaroid frame and chic illustrations.
In collaboration with "JOSHIBU-JAPAN(・v・)"

Life. - 28P

Left binding
Cool and simple template for your photo collection - 28 pages version.
Your life turns into stylish photo book.
Match well with artistic photos.
-- designed by design fleet --

Picuture book style photobook vol.4 - 28P

Left binding
4th volume of Fantastic picture book alike template by illustrator Muumegu - 28 pages version.
Tender touch with cute animals, flowers and nature.
Match well with happy smile of baby/kid.

KIDS Photobook2 - Cute Animals - 28P

Left binding
Album style template - 28 pages version.
Warm fabric touch with cute animals.
It's perfect to keep your baby/kid growth record.
-- designed by nompty --

Premium TRAVEL

Left binding
Free travel magazine-style template created in collaboration with "TABIKOBO".
Make your excellent and impressing journey into a rich & simple photo book. This is a travel magazine-style template for adults.
Sponsors : TABIKOBO Co. Ltd.


Left binding
The simpler, the more stylish.
Easy-to-use template - the square photo space fits all kinds of pictures. It reminds you of handmade craft art.

Tadpoles Club Boy's Special Issue

Right binding
Very popular! Boy's Special Issue for a baby magazine style template!
You can't sit still! You're the lively prince of stylish wonderland! A colorful design improves your good looks!

Tadpoles Club Girl's Special Issue

Right binding
Very popular! Girl's Special Issue for a baby magazine style template!
Girls are girls from birth. With a girl's special design filled with cute motifs such as ribbons and laces, your own baby girl will be cuter than ever.

Dorapura Journey - Summer ver. -

Left binding
Let's go and see landscape we have never seen before! 2nd volume of free template in collaboration with "Dorapura Journey" has been released!
If you want to enjoy a trip with luxury, why don't you try a drive at your own pace as you like? After playing to your heart's content, let's make a refreshingly designed photo book perfect for your summer trip
This is a travel magazine style template with a design even easy to follow even if it's your first photo book.


Left binding
The simpler, the more stylish.
Easy-to-use template - the square photo space fits all kinds of pictures. It reminds you of a romantic bouquet.

to all Eternity

Left binding
This wedding photobook boasts a sleek design.
We are honored to present our photobook to couples who bestow upon you the pleasure of partaking in their magnificent day. We offer a chic template that oozes a classy feel that is uniquely Mags Inc.
to all Eternity - Wishing all couples a lifetime's worth of happiness

Birthday Photobook - Hand-drawn style illustrations -

Left binding
Why don't you organize a photobook for birthday gifts? A new template designed by mio, for birthday photobooks is available!
The template of hand-drawn style illustrations is colourful and it's ideal to create photobooks for anybody, boys and girls as well as grown-ups :-)
You can create your photobook with pictures of birthday party. You can also make it to keep your child growth record or your family history.
Please create your very own photobook with your favourite pictures. It's also fun to see images when your kid was newborn!

Japanese Style Photobook(Japanese Modern)

Left binding
This elegant Japanese modern template is filled with Japanese materials.
You can add a stylish finish to photos of daily outings as well as Shichi-Go-San kimono. The soft texture of Japanese paper is nice.