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The simpler, the more stylish.
Easy-to-use template - the square photo space fits all kinds of pictures. It reminds you of a romantic bouquet.

to all Eternity

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This wedding photobook boasts a sleek design.
We are honored to present our photobook to couples who bestow upon you the pleasure of partaking in their magnificent day. We offer a chic template that oozes a classy feel that is uniquely Mags Inc.
to all Eternity - Wishing all couples a lifetime's worth of happiness

Birthday Photobook - Hand-drawn style illustrations -

Left binding
Why don't you organize a photobook for birthday gifts? A new template designed by mio, for birthday photobooks is available!
The template of hand-drawn style illustrations is colourful and it's ideal to create photobooks for anybody, boys and girls as well as grown-ups :-)
You can create your photobook with pictures of birthday party. You can also make it to keep your child growth record or your family history.
Please create your very own photobook with your favourite pictures. It's also fun to see images when your kid was newborn!

Japanese Style Photobook(Japanese Modern)

Left binding
This elegant Japanese modern template is filled with Japanese materials.
You can add a stylish finish to photos of daily outings as well as Shichi-Go-San kimono. The soft texture of Japanese paper is nice.

KIDS Photobook - Cute Animals -

Left binding
An album style template is now available! It is perfect to keep your child growth record.
Why don't you create your own precious photobook of your toddler with pictures of birthday, christening and other events?
Be creative! With this template, you can also make your original photobook with ultrasound pictures of your baby in your tummy to record his/her growth or with pictures of events in primary school such as a school play and sports day. You can put any title on your book!
Let's make your own photo book!


Left binding
The simpler, the more stylish.
Easy-to-use template - the square photo space fits all kinds of pictures. Simple and natural design.


Left binding
The simpler, the more stylish.
Easy-to-use template - the square photo space fits all kinds of pictures. Utmost simplicity.

Happy wedding day

Left binding
The wedding ceremony marks the beginning of ever-lasting happiness.
The refreshingly colorful design captures the couple's dazzling memories in an authentic and sometimes lively manner!


Right binding
Breaking new ground!? A bit dark, fashion magazine style template has been released!
Different from existing fashion magazines, this is a must for girls who love innovative and unique fashion! Enjoy what you love as you like! WITH FREEDOM!!

SMiLE -Spring ver.-

Left binding
Smiles bloom in full bloom in spring! The popular kids magazine-style template has just released its spring version!
You grow up a bit as you go through a tunnel of cherry blossoms. This soft, refreshing and colorful template reminds you of spring rays of light.

Picuture book style photobook vol.3

Left binding
3rd volume of the fantasic picture book alike template by illustrator Muumegu.
Children are great explorers. Let's finish up our 12-page adventure in the daily life of children.
After playing in the field where a nice wind blew, they battled against a whale in the ocean! Now they are off to travel space.

Scrapbook - Girly -

Left binding
Loved by everybody! It's a scrapbook-style template with a spring-like happy pink as its basis.
Let's make a scrapbook that makes you happy by stuffing it with photos of your loved ones and things you love. What a swallow has brought you is probably a letter from someone you care about.


Right binding
A must-have for cat lovers!! A stylish cat magazine style template has debuted!
Your cat has appeared as a popular blogger! Furthermore, it appears on cat food packages and movie ads.
You can also include photos of cats you find in a cat cafe or on a trip not just ones of your cat.
Why don't you make a ultimate healing collection?


Left binding
You're a HERO! An American-comic style template has appeared!!
Together with the best partners, keep the world peace. A flashy, American comic style template has been released!
You can also create 1 page collage image!

Dorapura Journey

Left binding
Let's go and see landscape we have never seen before! A free template in collaboration with "Dorapura Journey". If you want to enjoy a trip with luxury, why don't you try a drive at your own pace as you like? When you stop at spots that draw your attention, let's make a photo book with a lot of photos you have taken. This is a travel magazine style template with a design even easy to follow even if it's your first photo book.


Right binding
Launching the update of the template like a magazine for high-school girls☆
Including celebrations special graduation editions, the theme of this template is graduation! The amount of text that can be inputted is increased and thus, makes it more memorable!
Why don't you make a memorial book with photos of your 3 year high-school life?

Tadpoles Club

Right binding
The yearning baby or kids model made a debut!? We have released a childcare magazine-style template.
My kids are the best! Let's boast about the loveliness of your kids or your grand-kids by showing plenty of photos. [12pages/41photos]


Left binding
Thank you for your continuous support this year! This is a cute yearbook-style template filled with sweets and flowers as motifs.
You can make a photo book capturing happy days with friends and gift it as a token of friendship! The marguerite daisy used in the template symbolizes true friendship.